Terry Baptiste

Trainer Terry Baptiste

Trainer Terry Baptiste

A short interview with Terry.

Terry, what got you started down the training road –
“I used to play American Football but I was too light, and at the time (aged 18) I was advised to put on 2 stone, so that was the start of weight training and lifting.
I moved over to the UK and when at Heriot Watt university started to get serious about training – I was in their power lifting team. From there I ended up coaching the Edinburgh University power lifting team.

What is your role at Gullane Gym –
“I’m the gym manager and also a personal trainer and I have a diploma in Sports Science. There are many who come here who follow a program which has been developed with their requirements in mind. An initial assessment would look at what the person can and cannot do, what their goals are and to tailor the exercises to suit their abilities.”

What about diet –
“We do a lot of work with people looking to loose weight but there is no quick fix. It’s very much a case of having a balanced diet along with appropriate exercise and of course we can give advice on that sort of thing.”

Do you get people coming to the gym looking to improve their sports performance –
“Very much so – we have programs for people playing golf, rugby, skiing, surfing and even shooting. Each program is made to suit the individual so they can realise their potential.”

So what if someone is interested in finding out more –
“Please get in touch (use the Contact Us details) and you can come and see round the facilities here – we will discuss your needs and go from there. If you just want some more information I’m here to help.”

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  1. DCSteinberg
    DCSteinberg / 12-8-2016 / ·

    Terry – We just moved from Boston USA to North Berwick to settle. My son would like to work out in your gym over the holiday break. He’s a student at Heriot-Watt University. Do you happen to have a room with mirrors and a hard floor? It need not be a large room. He’s a second degree blackbelt – Uechi Ryu karate – and needs to keep an eye on his positioning as he trains for his third degree. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you. David

  2. DCSteinberg
    DCSteinberg / 12-8-2016 / ·

    Wonderful. Thank you.


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